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Welcome to Iowa’s trust and estate dispute litigation blog brought to you by the skilled probate attorneys at the Smith Law Firm. Our practice specializes in probate litigation, and as we make our way through the year, let's learn about the latest happenings in estate litigation across the state together by browsing through our online journal.
Blog Joint Tenancy

Be Aware: Joint Tenancy Holds Risks And Medicaid Disadvantages

Blog Estate Accounting Legal Malpractice Probate Appeals

Why Bringing Legal Malpractice Action Against Iowa Estate Planning Attorneys Gets Complicated

Blog Squatter Removal and Eviction

Essential Guide For Evicting Squatters In Iowa: Why You Need To Act Quickly

Blog Interference with Inheritance Undue Influence

Important Undue Influence FAQs For Victims Who Had Their Inheritance Hijacked

Blog Joint Tenancy

7 Simple Facts That Make Understanding Joint Tenancy Easier

Blog Will Contest Will Dispute

8 Tips That Can Help You Challenge Testamentary Documents Like an Pro

Blog Excessive Probate Fees Fiduciary Litigation

Warning: Excessive Probate Fees May Provoke Expensive Fiduciary Litigation

Blog Interference with Inheritance Probate Fraud Litigation

Why Diligent Inheritance Theft Investigation Is Essential During Probate Fraud Discovery

Blog Interference with Inheritance Testamentary Capacity

Win Testamentary Capacity Will Challenges Through Evidence of a Testator’s Memory Loss

Blog Confidential Relationship Fiduciary Litigation

Nine Real-Life Examples For Understanding Informal Fiduciary Relationships Better

Blog Testamentary Capacity

7 Reasons Why Estate Attorneys Examine Testamentary Capacity

Blog Joint Tenancy

Detailed Q&A Session Reveals The Secrets Behind Joint Tenancy In Iowa

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