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Experienced Trust and Estate Representation in Iowa

Iowa Probate Litigation

When you have questions about the handling of your family's estate, you need trusted and experienced trust and estate litigation counsel who understands the unique dynamics of each family matter, and can protect your interests in this nuanced area of the law. At Smith Law Firm, we focus our litigation practice on trust, estate, and probate matters. We have counseled and litigated for clients in estates totaling $50 million in combined value.
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Probate Litigation

Common Questions

Iowa Probate Litigation

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Expert Probate Dispute
Litigation Services for
All Iowans

Will Contests, Caveats
and Defenses

Estate dispute lawsuits seeking remedies to enforce or dismiss the terms of a will or trust for intent (or lack of) and other legal grounds.


Contentions asserting a person induced a testator to act in a manner they would have otherwise acted had the influencer not been present.

Tortious Interference
with Inheritance

An heir’s claim that a party intentionally or negligently reduced or eliminated their expected inheritance.


Motions petitioning the court to compel fiduciaries to account for managed assets and to justify expenses sustained.


Estate litigation for upholding or striking down lower court decisions via state appeal processes.

Probate Fraud

Lawsuits that claim a defendant executed a will or trust improperly or used false information with intent to deceive heirs out of their lawful inheritance.

Probate Fees

Contentions claiming executors and trustees charged beneficiaries excessive or unreasonable fees.

Squatter Removal
and Eviction

Legal remedies that oust squatters and renters from real property previously owned by a decedent.


Lawsuits claiming damages from lawyers breaching a contract or from negligently breaching their legal or fiduciary duties.


Contention that affirms the decedent was not of sound mind when executing a trust or will.

Power of
Attorney Abuse

Removal of a person’s right to control and use another’s financial assets under a power of attorney.


Probate administration and estate planning according to the language found in valid prenuptial agreements.

Removal of Trustees Guardianship and

Injunction sought by beneficiaries to remove guardians, executors or trustees who breach their fiduciary duties.

Fiduciary Litigation and
Improper Execution

Negligence claims brought by and against fiduciaries who administrate probate estates; and assertions of improperly signed wills or trusts.

Confidential Relationships
and Estate Litigation

Legal action to prove or disprove a trust relationship existed between two parties with confidence where one party would act or advise in good faith with the other party’s interest in mind.

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Iowa Probate Litigation

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Iowa Probate Litigation

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