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Fiduciary Litigation News

Resolving Fiduciary Litigation Matters And Accessing The Courts During a Pandemic

News Trustee

Everything You Need To Know About Removing and Replacing Trustees

Interference with Inheritance News

New Trends ln Probate Litigation: Iowa’s Rising Tortious Interference With Inheritance Claims

News Undue Influence

Supreme Court of Iowa Establishes New Standard for Rebutting Undue Influence in Will Contests

Guardianship and Executor Removal News

Iowa Appeals Court Removes Trustee And Upholds Punitive Damage Award For Negligent Performance

Improper Execution News

Seventy-Year-Old Watershed Case Still Influences Improper Execution Lawsuits Today

Guardianship and Executor Removal News

Iowa Supreme Court Decision Reminds Fiduciaries Why Beneficiaries May Seek Executor Removal

News Power of Attorney Abuse

Probate Litigators Reveal Document Drafting Secrets to Reduce Power of Attorney Abuse Risk

Estate Accounting News

Stop Making Estate Accounting Mistakes and Start Reporting Like a Pro

News Undue Influence

How to Evaluate an Undue Influence Case Like A Pro

Joint Tenancy News

What Everybody Ought to Know Before Co-Owning Property in Joint Tenancy

Guardianship and Executor Removal News

Thousands of Iowa Executors Are Avoiding Fiduciary Removal Proceedings Through Open Communication With Beneficiaries